7 Open Sourced Free Webinar Tools

Young pregnant woman using inhaler during asthmatic attack at home

Young pregnant woman using inhaler during asthmatic attack at home

Web conferencing has gained popularity among businesses as they enable easy communication with customers and remote teams breaking barriers of geographic distance. Webinars are also a very effective medium to communicate with other business partners and customers but the price of many of these paid webinar tools can discourage small businesses and start-ups from utilising them. However, there are some free webinar tools available for individual users and businesses. Some are as followed.

  • ezTalks Webinar

Considered as one of the best free webinar tools available for users which is compatible with all mobile and computer platforms. This webinar tool for free allows up to 100 participants under its free plans and offers excellent video conferencing service along with other features like real time screen sharing, video recording and playback, instant messaging, interactive white board, file and screen sharing, HD audio and video etc, making ezTalks one of the best free webinar tools available. The only limit is that it has 100 minutes webinar duration. Besides, you can also try ezTalks Webinar, which you can always enjoy video conferencing for free.

  • Google Hangouts

It is available with Google+ accounts for free and is considered a reliable webinar tool for free which can be used on any web browser. Allowing up to 10 participants at once and is compatible on all mobile and computer devices. Its many features include livestreaming of webinar on YouTube or websites, screen sharing, record and share functions etc.

  • TokBox Video Chat

TokBox Video Chat is a free webinar tool and allows up to 20 participants in a single webinar and needs no downloads. It features include allowing users to livestream on various social media platforms and group chat support on blogs and websites. This webinar tool for free allows video sharing but lacks recording feature.

  • Anymeeting

Previously also known as Freebinar, this free webinar tool allows up to 200 participants within its webinars. Its features can match that of its many paid webinars tools which include first-class screen sharing, record and share abilities and is compatible with all devices.

  • Yondo Webinar

This webinar tool free enhances user experience with high end features such as HD videos and quality audio. It also allows attendees to join webinars in real time and has features such as screen sharing, file and content sharing during live webinars etc. It is also compatible with all kind of devices.

  • OpenMeetings

OpenMeeintings is an easy to use, hassle free webinar tool which needs no downloading and allows unlimited participants at once in its webinars. Its features also include such as whiteboard and screen which makes webinar sessions highly interactive and also allows users to host webinars on websites.

The above-mentioned webinar tools free allows small businesses to reach out to their business associates and remotely located employees and team members, who otherwise were unable to afford expensive webinars tools restricting small business in hosting webinars to reach out to the various stakeholders.

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