Alternative therapies for weight loss and hypertension

The truth is that weight loss helps in keeping your blood pressure under check. For losing your weight, you have to work on things like diet control and regular exercises which also helps in keeping your hypertension under control.

If you are finding it hard to keep your weight under control as well as your hypertension, here are some of the tips which can be beneficial for you. These tips are not a magic wand; they won’t reduce your weight in a day or two. They would support the things you are doing, and soon you are going to get good results.

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  • Meditation: Meditation helps you to calm down. It brings clarity to your thoughts. These are the two things which are related in a big way with your blood pressure. Also if there is stress in your mind, it produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for driving appetite and making you eat. When cortisol starts getting produced in you, you will fall apart from your motivation of diet control. With the help of meditation, you can control your brain and thus control your high blood pressure and weight.
  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness means to be aware of your feelings, both physically and emotionally. Mastering mindful eating will change your eating habit. For example, when you are tired, you automatically take rest. Likewise, what if you make a pattern that when you are only hungry; you eat and eat to fullness. The habit of eating everywhere like while driving in your car, eating on your couch while watching TV, people tend to eat every time for everything. This habit is likely to go if you start eating mindfully. This practice of mindful eating would reduce your habit of eating everywhere, and to eat anywhere means eating a bunch of fast foods. You should know that fast foods contain an enormous amount of carbohydrates and also contains a massive amount of added sugar. Therefore, you when you are giving off fast food, you are helping your weight to be under control and your blood pressure under control.

If you can follow up these two things and put them into regular practice, you are going to be successful in losing your weight and keep your blood pressure under control.

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