Avoid saying that you are an insomniac

Many of the people nowadays are the target of the insomnia disorder.

So what is insomnia?

 Insomnia is not having a proper sleep or not able to sleep the whole night.  The person dealing with this kind of disorder is called insomniac.  Insomniac is a person who is not able to sleep. This is a very common disorder among the teenager nowadays. This disorder causes the loss of sleep, body aches because of lack of sleep.  Your brain and body feel tired all the time. If you lose your sleep, then it can affect your daily life, and it will affect the personal health. The main reason or causes for the insomnia is a disappointment, depression, and anxiety. So whichever emotion which is negative like

  • Anger
  • Trauma
  • Depression

People who are suffering from the insomnia are not able to sleep at night, but it’s not necessary they are not able to sleep at day too. So the person who does not sleep at night feels sleeps all day and sleeps at day.  This thing may cause you to lose your concentration. And if you lose concentration, then it definitely affects your daily life and the working.  So the common symptoms of insomnia are feeling irritated all the time and having a headache. So if you want to treat this order then firstly the person suffering from insomnia should try to do self-care.

Take proper care and take treatment for Insomnia

So if you want to cure the disorder the. You need to maintain or manage your daily activity, having proper food at a proper time.  Proper sleeping time and waking up time, not watching more or excessive television or should not use mobile phones excessively. Sometimes people suffer from bad sexual life experience, and this stress also leads to a sleepless night, for this issue you can use Viagra treatment.

 If you are suffering from insomnia for a very long time, then you need to consult a good doctor.  And yoga and meditation can help you to cure the insomnia

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