Colours that go well with drift wood floors

Driftwood floors look artistic, and the creative elements in these floors enrich the looks of your interiors. You can have a look at the key Projects, where this type of flooring has been integrated. If you are a home enthusiast, you would love to explore the colours that complement a driftwood floor. Read on to get a comprehensive idea on these colour concepts.

Complementary colours

Driftwood floors come across various shades, ranging from creamy tan to light gray. The complementary colours will add a natural harmony and balance to your interiors. You can integrate gray shades in the other elements of home décor in your room. Apart from this, tones in cream, while and caramel look sophisticated. You can choose these shades for the rugs and sitting areas.

Contrasting colours

 If you want to use contrasting colours in your room with a driftwood flooring, you can go for complementary gray for the walls. Other colours that can add a contrast to the room are hot pink, lime green and turquoise. These colours will stand out against the gray background. You can get fixtures with stainless steel colour. You need to come up with a good mix of colours to enhance the looks of your interiors.

 Warm colours

If you have a driftwood flooring in your home, you can use warm colours in the room. This will make the atmosphere cozy. You need to add other warm colours in the room, like pieces of wenge wood and dark cherry colours. This will make the room look nature-centric. You can also integrate glass pieces with amber shades in your room.

You can also use certain cool colours in the room. For instance, you can use sea-green shades in other objects in your room. Have a look at the Projects that come with the right combination of colours to enhance the looks.

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