Free Landing Page Tools That Your Small Business Website Must Have

Landing page tools are essential for making your website more appealing to your current customers as well as for the potential customers who are visiting your website. Because of these tools, you are capable of making a hassle-free and effective solution to have your website brief and concise, attractive and very effective. These are the things that you will have when you get the right landing page tools for optimizing your landing page. Here are the Top 5 Free Landing pages you should try:

  1. Urip

This is one of the top software recommended by reliable digital marketing company for small businesses. It is meant for a landing page HTML template that is built with the Bootstrap version of 3.3.2. The software, Urip has its very modern and professional design that fits into different ideas such as for business, making a website lead generation, some click through, startup, promotion, list building, and more.

  1. Factor

This is software for multipurpose template of a landing page that has a Page Builder creating a custom landing page. Factor allows editing of texts, element’s changing of colors, modifying color of elements, embed videos (coming from YouTube and Vimeo), make some customized images and a lot more. Sections Of their tools and versatility enable users to get the best outcome of using the template. Since Factor has its responsive design together with technologies such as HTML5, Bootstrap 3 x, CSS3 it would always be a good experience to try this.

  1. Select

A27 multi-purpose tools for a landing page with a page builder is no other than Select. It helps in creating landing page that you may desire. It functions in different ways such as an editor of a text, capable of changing color elements, embed videos and many more. The same with other top template, this one comes effective in providing fast and reliable sets of templates for your landing page.

  1. Rient

If one of the newest and efficient landing page tool is what you are looking for, Rient comes as your perfect option. This is the best template recommended by the best school management information system in the Philippines as it is accessible for any website type, either personal or for school use. It I generally designed with a modern look and experience that makes it really a choice for a professional landing page template.

  1. Xmobile

This is a modern and hassle-free to use, landing page template especially for the Mobile App. Basically this is designed for all kinds of marketing website out there. As it is built with twitter bootstrap 3.2.0, HTML5 code and the CSS3, it is capable of delivering a great outcome when used. It also has its own unique homepage styles as well as the variation of colors. Xmobile has its clean structure and a very professional design. An SEO- friendly code and comment codes that are well organized, comes along to support an easy to make website for a specific project.

There you have it- top 5 landing page tools to optimize your landing page.

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