How Long Will it take me to get Divorced?

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One of the most frequent of questions thrown at solicitors is ‘How long will it take me to get divorced?’ Since divorce is a significant step to find some closure and move on with your life once separated. However, the timeline may not be as predictable and straightforward as you may want. Conventionally, you will be guided that an uncontested divorce might take around 6 months. However, the following factors can add to the expected time of a divorce,and you must be prepared for any of these.

Spouse Co-operation

You would already know this without any help. Some spouses are completely troublesome and unhelpful when it comes to divorce for many reasons from not so good terms on which you parted ways or the tiring legal process, in any case, it may cause delays in the undertaking of divorce. On the other hand, some spouses are completely co-operative and just want what you want. However, it is completely dependent on individual circumstances and can’t be predicted.

Spouse agreement on Divorce

Whether you claim to have made every possible effort to retrieve your marriage to no fruit, you would still need to spouse to agree with you to go ahead with the divorce. Once the divorce gets issued, your spouse will then need to return ‘Acknowledgement of Service’ form. The spouse may not return it or may defend the divorce, in either case, your timescale will increase. At this point you would want to discuss your options with your solicitors, this is where Thomas Boyd Whyte can help you to weigh your options and take you to the next step.

Time is taken by the Court to Process the Divorce

Another factor is the time taken by the court to get back to you,and this is the part where you would need to be patient with your solicitor as the court processing times are uncontrollable and unpredictable. The court commonly takes a few weeks to process your documents and then respond. So, once your solicitor dispatches your documents to the court start counting the days and expect a response within a couple of weeks.

Financial Issues

Financial issues between you and your spouse can be a factor of delay in the divorce,and you must get legal advice on your options. In any case, resolving the financial issues will add time to the divorce timescale inevitably especially if you wish to issue court proceedings. The resolution and timeline may depend on a few factors including the co-operation of your spouse and negotiating a workable agreement between both the parties.

In short. There is no such thing as a quick divorce. It might take months and the number of these months will depend on the factors mentioned above. Although it may be a long process and you might not get it as quickly as you wish, but working closely with your solicitor and having patience will help you a great deal in such an ordeal.

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