Justification for the Introduction of Motorcycle Appraisal in Medford, Oregon

Since motorcycle appraisal was introduced in Medford, Oregon a few years back, it has grabbed a lot of attention from all walks of people including those who reside in other states. This valuable exercise has been more than helpful to investors, sellers and buyers of both high-end sports motorcycles and the regular commercial ones. There is a vast scope of roles played by motorcycle appraisal depending on the occasion and the user of the same. For example, a philanthropic organization based in Medford, Oregon had recently made a decision of donating three of twelve their all-weather commercial motorcycles to help in the transportation of food and clothing to orphans and poor families affected by the recent terrorist attacks that claimed thousands of lives. The organization saw it important to avoid going against any federal or state regulations. It was also important according to the board members to ascertain the actual value of the three motorcycles for the record purposes. Motorcycle appraisal Medford Oregon helped the organization in dealing with these two issues at once and at this point the board justified its introduction into the state.

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In a different occasion, a couple living in Medford, Oregon had, following a series of misunderstandings and disagreements, to officially divorce. The rich couple owned two expensive sports motorcycles among other assets. In the court session, they judge ordered for a motorcycle appraisal with the intention of finding out the real worth of the two motorcycles so as to be able to decide the share of the man and that of the woman. It is important to keep in mind that without the appraisal, it would have been extremely difficult to make a clear and accurate determination of the worth of the high-priced bikes. It is beyond doubt that since the motorcycle appraisal service came to Medford, Oregon, it has been somewhat easier to negotiate and get funding from banks and other financial institutions. A young lady entrepreneur in the state had managed to establish her business and acquire a solid customer base. She was now interested to get a top-up funding from a bank so as to purchase sixteen more motorcycles to expand her inventory. With the advice from the bank, she made use of motorcycle appraisal to find the total value of the sixteen motorcycles and the amount she intended to get as loan from the bank, and this is when the bank finally adhered to her loan request.

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