Matrimony Lawyers and the 10 Jobs that Cause the Most Divorces

In the world of relationships, professional careers can be the reason for divorce or separation.

The close relationship between a career or work and the possible marital success arises from a unique study of the Radford University of Virginia, based on a detailed analysis of the latest data from the United States Census Bureau, whose results can be considered at the moment to study the possible reasons for divorce in a couple, according to Yahoo. The five most expensive divorces in history.

In that sense, the study published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, shows that among the professions or jobs with higher divorce rates are:

  1. Police (Probability of divorce of 80%)
  2. Barman (38%)
  3. Therapeutic masseur (38%)
  4. Tobacco or food industry employees. (29%)
  5. Telephone operators (29%)
  6. Health personnel, nurses, psychiatrists, assistants (28%)
  7. Athletes, entertainers and entertainment employees (28%)
  8. Sellers and telemarketing (28%)
  9. Maintenance and construction employees (27%)
  10. Domestic workers (26%)

In a general way, the study reveals that the most intelligent employees or professionals, with more culture and commercial availability, divorce less than those who feel more disadvantaged. You can contact Kirker Davis LLP, one of the best firms handling professional divorce cases. Now let’s look at what is matrimonial lawyers and how they are going to be useful in divorce cases.

What are Matrimonial Lawyers?

This refers to those professionals, Lawyers, who have chosen the branch of Right of Family and more specifically the right related to the relations between the pairs, and of these to each other, as well as their relations with the children or even the economic ones between couples or marriages, and the dissolution of it, through divorce, separation or matrimonial annulment, an exercise of their professional activity, from the creation of their own partner, as a legal element of cohabitation to the dissolution of marriage.

Specialties of Matrimonial Lawyers

The matrimonial lawyers, develop their professional activity, in the following area:

  • Marriage: Relationships between couples who decide to marry, whether heterosexual marriage or homosexual
  • Mixed marriages
  • Marriages of convenience
  • Couples, in fact, both their formation and their dissolution. Your personal, economic and legal relationships. The constitution of de facto couples.
  • Dissolution of marriage, through a divorce.
  • Dissolution of de facto couples
  • Declaration of ecclesiastical nullity
  • Settlement of community property
  • An international abduction of children by their parents
  • Claims for biological paternity
  • Maternity claim
  • Offenses of family abandonment
  • Breach of custody of children
  • Default or non-payment of compensatory pension and alimony

Characteristics of Matrimonial Lawyers

The matrimonial lawyer must have a theoretical knowledge of legal concepts and jurisprudence, related to the family, but then also must have legal practice in special family procedures, taking into account the number of concepts that encompass any action related to the family environment.

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