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Internet has bought many local games which were played in a confined area or in a country only to the international arena. Hence, it is providing the international exposure to the game. One of such game is   the Domino99 which is a very popular card game played in Indonesia. This game is played with the help of rectangular tiles with black dots depicting certain numbers is be marked on the dominoes. This game is similar to card games and is also known as qui qui.

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Transformation of the game 

Transformation of the game to the international platform has significantly changed the style and texture of the game. This game of Qq online version of the game is becoming very popular although it is being played in the Indonesia at a very large scale. This game is played in almost every Indonesian household but its online format is going to bring millions of new fans to the game.

How to play the game online?

This game is played with 28 dominos having six dots in various combinations. In Indonesia, the dominos have taken the shape of cards. While playing the game online you need not to worry about the other players who are playing the game. All players are supposed to pay a fixed ante in the pot and then the dominos are distributed three dominos card each. Once, they have seen their dominos and calculated the value then you can either bet if no one has betted, or call that is to pay the same ante which was betted by the previous player or increase the value of the betting amount by raising or deciding not to play any more by folding the dominos. If, just one person has betted then the better takes the amount without showing the card. If there is more than one better then the games proceeds to the second and to final round.

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