Simple and Beautiful Quilt Patterns for Novices

Are you interested in learning how to quilt? Not sure what patterns you should start with? It seems as if there is an extraordinary number of designs and patterns that can be used for quilting and for many people, these choices are quite overwhelming. Even for people who have a little bit of experience and skill, the idea of sewing an entire quilt can seem very daunting. However, it is also a fact that a well-made and beautiful quilt is something that’s treasured for years in the family and can also be an amazing gift.

Novices and new quilters can start off with some simple and beautiful patterns to gain confidence and then move onto the more intricate and complicated designs. Here are some easy and simple patterns to use:

  • Nine-Patch Quilt Pattern

This pattern is often used by people who are just beginning to make quilts and is quite aptly named. The Nine-Patch pattern comprises of nine small squares with five of them dark and alternated with four light ones. While this quilting pattern is very easy to make, the beauty of this design lies in your choice of color arrangements.

  • Log-Cabin Quilt Pattern

This particular pattern was first documented after the Civil War began in the United States. It was possibly named after President Lincoln for bringing about the end of slavery. The design comprises of small rectangles and squares that get longer progressively as they spiral out to the desired size.

  • Broken Dishes Quilt Pattern

One of the most popular quilting patterns is broken dishes, which comprises of four squares that have been diagonally cut for making triangles. It is said that this pattern represents one of the small catastrophes in life. The best thing about this particular pattern is that you can create any number of patterns by adding contrasting colors and turning the blocks.

  • Four Patch Quilt Pattern

Just like Broken Dishes, this pattern also involves the use of four large squares. Two of these squares are further cut into four smaller squares, or more depending on your choice. This kind of block is also commonly used to teach novices about the variations in designs and colors when making quilts.

  • Shoo Fly Quilt Pattern

This is essentially a Nine Patch, but all the colors are cut diagonally. The name of this pattern comes from the large blue flowers that come from the clover bloom plant. This belongs to the nightshade plant family. A sweet treat was prepared for flies by combining the juices of this plant with milk, which eventually killed them.

  • Candy Bar Quilt Pattern

Again, this pattern bears a resemblance to Nine Patch and is made up of three rectangles that are stacked on top of each other. When these blocks are stacked, they become as high as they are wide. You can make this pattern pop and look great on your quilt by rotating blocks or alternating colors as per your preference.

Choose any of these patterns and begin quilting right away.   

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