Surfing in The Tabuhan Island Beach

The Most Well-known Beach that has attracted the name of Banyuwangi to the world’s attention are the Red Island Beach, The G Land Beach and The Surfing in The Tabuhan Island Beach. Every one has its unique personality preferred by visitors, particularly those who seek to play among the waves. Nevertheless, the G ground Beach is very dangerous, since it has some cold blasts and streams which are not for first-time surfers.

The Tabuhan Island Beach

Situated in the Bali Strait between Java and Bali, this 5 hectares uninhabited island has the ideal winds for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

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As a matter of fact, in August 2015 a Guru Kiteboarding event was held here to invite kite surfers from all corners of the planet. Picture perfect scenery of white sand and crystal clear water together With the wind speed of up to 25 knots make this specific part of Banyuwangi a brand new possible tourist destination. The ideal winds have been anticipated To happen between May to November. Kitesurfing is a sport that employs a board, that’s safely strapped to your toes, a kite made of unique, durable fabric and a grip to assist your grip. The end will fly a kite and take you around the ocean surface, enabling you to make tricks and movements, like jumping or twirling.

While windsurfing is a combination of stand up sailing and surfing. The board has a sail attached to it, with handles to hold onto. The ideal strong wind will sweep you quickly across the ocean, providing an exhilarating sensation of moving around the sea throughout the force of nature. Both kinds of wind-powered surfing are so much fun to try for beginners. But visitors must bring their very own gear to try out this here because there are no places to rent them from. Tabuhan island is indeed a piece of paradise, with unspoiled beauty and crystal clear blue water.

Locals can love this pearly beach. You may Easily get here by continuing your trip from Banyuwangi town to the Kampe Beach in Bangsring, then take a boat to the island. Playing in the sand, swimming and snorkeling are a number of the actions that visitors do throughout their stay here. No facilities are yet available, so you should make your very own food and supplies. And please don’t also forget to bring crap container bags for your garbage, to help keep this fairly beach neat and clean. This town is a gem which has a great deal to enthrall you. Visit beyond the shores to find abundant memorable epic adventures. Feel how nature cradles and soothes you at the calmness that spells Banyuwangi.

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