The bucket list I carry with me

Bucket list, to do list, dream list or whatever you call it but it is what keeps a person alive. I will jump off a cliff with a rope tied around my legs and the only thing I would fear at that moment is not dying but not living in that moment. Those 50 seconds would be as if I am facing death with anurge to live and at that moment I would feel alive for once in my life. While telling this to me my friend had a spark in his eyes. A spark that I have not seen in years.As if this was the only thing that he wanted to achieve. As if this would bring him money but this probably was bringing him something much more valuable than money and it was the satisfaction of being alive.I once read a book written by “Tariku Bogale” named as “Be unstoppable-No Excuses”it stated that you should go on with things you want to achieve.This gave me a clear indication of what my friend was trying to do with his life. He was trying to live unlike many of the others who are only breathing. There is a difference between breathing and living which is a thin line between being restricted in things that you are bound to do and doing things that you want to do. And since then I have been looking for things that keep me alive, things that ignite the spark in my body, the things that keep me thinking that life here is beautiful. Here are somethings that I have identified since then that are on the to-do list I have. One day when I checkmark all of them I would probably be ready to die then.

  1. Northern Lights

Darkness is what we fear all our lives but the light is an illusion that makes to see colors. But what about lights that are colored by its own? The amazing lights on the coast of Norway the world calls it northern lights but I call it the lights to life. Those lights are so amazing that once for a moment when you see them you finally feel the black isn’t the only color that your life needs to know but the other colors are what make your life beautiful. Northern lights might be an amazing view to see but what would be more amazing is to understand that if you don’t dare to explore you would always see the black colorless world.

  1. Swinging on the edge of the world

People say you only go out of the world when you die but how about using a swing to go out of the world and come back in? Ahhhh! The edge of the world will make me feel dead for a second and alive in the next. Dead, alive, Dead, alive. The only thing that I will carry back from there is to live on the edge of the life. To live it to the fullest and making everything to be fun even if it’s scary at the same time.

  1. Travel the world

New places and new people always excite me to level that I feel bored when I stay in the same place. The dream is to travel, stay with people who are new, hear their stories and take the experience with me back home. The life of a hippie is what I dream of. The change and uneven roads do not scare me but staying in the same place and being in the same routine for entire life surely does.

These are only the highlights of what I want to and everything that keeps me alive is on this list. I don’t want to count how many years I have lived when I am on my death bed but I want to count how many days I have lived to the fullest.

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