The need for meat: Karakul sheep breed

Also called the “fat-tailed sheep” or Qaraqul, the Karakul sheep is one of the oldest breeds in the world which has the provenience from the Middle East, around the Caspian Sea. The domestication of these animals played a great role in the development of the humanity. Besides, they are very lively but are very friendly creatures and obedient with handlers they know. Since BC, the tails of these vigorous animals enabled them to survive. In many cultures, people use the tail fat for cooking. For example, they use the tail to add juiciness and flavor to grilled meat, to grease cookware, or to add the mild flavor to a dish.

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Karakul sheep breed traits

Karakul is the only sheep breed in the world that can be defined as elegant. It is one of the most wanted breeds in the entire world because of its impressive qualities. It seems that this breed sheep is one of the few breeds that can have variable ear sizes – ranging from very long to elf size about one to two inches.The ewes are very mild and great milkers. It is often known the fact that Karakul ewes are some of the most protective mothers on the planet. Another important breed trait is the slim nose which reduces the chance of difficult deliveries. What about conformation and color? Well, generally speaking, Karakuls are medium-sized sheep which makes them easier to handle than other larger breeds. Considering the wide variety of their fleece colors, for thousands of years, Persian rugs were made with their type of wool. The rams often have a weight 175 to 225 pounds and the ewes range from 100 to 150 pounds. Another important breed characteristic is their remarkable resistance to different diseases and to some external or internal parasites. Besides, Karakuls are the only breed of sheep that can have wattles.

Karakul sheep flock sale

If you want to buy Karakul sheep you’ll have to keep in mind some factors such as:

The exporting company. You’ll have to buy from a trustworthy exporter which can provide you all the registration and certificates required by your country. Also, it’s extremely important to pay attention to the traceability of the system. The identification numbers of the sheep must be electronically stored and uploaded to National Sanitary for Food Safety. In this way, you can track each of the sheep purchased back to its origin. So, make sure you’ll get all the documentation you need.

The health.There are lots of diseases which can affect the health’s status of the sheep. In order to avoid this to happen, you’ll have to verify if the blood analyses of the lambs are made according to the authority’s requirements of your country. Besides, you have to receive guarantees that sheep are vaccinated on a regular basis.

Feed requirements. Before you buy the flock, you’ll have to find some information about the environment and the quality of the fodder. Firstly, the breeding conditions are very important for the raising sheep. Secondly, the feed must not contain any additives or other chemical substances. The nutrition requires lots of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins such as C, D, E, and K. In general, the sheep from the farms are feed with Alfalfa (Lucerne).

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