Understanding everything about Parquet

Parquet is a type of flooring where small wood slates are repeated in a pattern to provide texture to the floor. The patterns are always distinct and repetitive. These tile-like slates are installed in a way to give a large pattern, stretching lacrosse the entire room. The common sizes available in the market are 9” x 9”, 12” x 12” and 19” x 19”.

How are parquets arranged?

Parquet or Parquet tiles are arranged in a mesh structure that is backed up by cloth, paper, plastic or metal. They are stitched together and lined.

What are the types of parquet?

There are namely two types –

  • Unfinished Parquet: In the unfinished ones give a number of decorative options and require a minimal level of finishing. In the unfinished state, they can get stained very easily.
  • Finished Parquet:Finished ones are treated with durable sealer and hence, they last longer. They also pose no hassle while fitting them into the mesh.

Designs options by Parquet

There are many places where it can be used as a flooring. They are best to be used in general spaces and they make an elegant option. They impart unique beauty and provide an immense option in artistic design. Places, where parquet tiles excel, are dining rooms, foyers, and living rooms. On the contrary, when used in small spaces and functional areas, they do not meet the required beauty.

Patterns to deploy

They can be deployed in any suitable pattern. As the tiles are directional in nature, they produce a beautiful overall pattern. Also, if applied without proper engineering, tiles can prove to be a failure too. Therefore, if you want to get a successful parquet installation, you can some of experts as well. The New & Reclaimed Flooring Co. is one of the experts.

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