Win Art Jam Party Worth More than HK$ 15K, Offered by Shamrock Catering and Art Jamming

Art jamming is a fairly recent and unique concept that is fast gaining traction as a Hong Kong experience. Art jamming is a super fun activity and although it’s messy with a lot of paint splashes and strokes, it’s totally worth it. Kids and adults enjoy art jamming alike and that prompted Shamrock Catering to offer a fully catered Art Jam Party valued at more than HK$ 15K. The catering giant has teamed up with ArtJamming in a bid to offer a fun packed art jam party.

To art jam, one need not have any artistic painting skills – anyhow painting is the rule in art jam and the same rule or rather, no rule applies to the Art Jam Party offered by Shamrock Catering too. As a fully catered art jam party, there will be a lot of good food and thirst quenching and refreshing beverages available and passed around. This is truly an incredible fully catered art jam party offer that will be held for three hours that will accommodate up to 20 people. Truly, this is an exciting prospect that should not be missed.  

Besides scrumptious food and free flowing drinks, art equipment is provided too – paint, brushes and an easel and of course ambient music. Letting the Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh in the people that won this art jam party package is then the only requirement, a fun frolic at that. Shamrock Catering will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone gets their equal and sufficient share of paint and colors.

ArtJamming reiterates that there is no painting experience required to win this Art Jam Party. Anyone can partake in this and enjoy the whole novel experience. Art jam has a way of getting creativity flowing from people who have no creative juices in them.

It’s very simple to enter this competition. All one has to do is simply answer the question below. Terms and conditions apply to all contestants. Join the competition today and stand the chance to have a super exciting fully catered Art Jam Party worth more than HK$ 15K. This opportunity doesn’t come often so grab it while it’s still on!

This competition runs until June 10 2018. The winner will be notified by email.

To enter the competition, please go to

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