Zimmer Hip Replacement

The Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement is a hip replacement device that surgeons use to improve pain and discomfort in patients with arthritic hips. Back in 2006 when it was introduced in America, most people saw the Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement as an amazing medical advancement.

It had been used in Europe with favorable results. Everyone in the United States was excited about what the Zimmer hip replacement could to do for American patients who were experiencing severe pain from hips with arthritis.

Unfortunately, years later, the device has proven to be faulty in numerous ways. Now, Zimmer Inc. is facing class-action lawsuits from shareholders as well as patients who have received the Zimmer hip replacement and had serious medical problems.

Pain From a Surgery Supposed to Eliminate Pain

The Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement has received numerous complaints from both patients and surgeons. These individuals say that the overall design of the Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement is flawed. Zimmer, Inc. counters that, saying that the surgeons are simply having difficulty implanting these replacement hips. They deny that the replacement units are defective in any way.

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However, it’s easy to see who is right and who is wrong. According to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin (“Large-Head Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty Using the DuromAcetabular Component at Minimum 1-Year Interval”), an 11.1% failure rate was found in hip replacement surgeries where the Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement was used. The study was published in The Journal of Arthroplasty, Vol 5, No. 6 Supp in September of 2010, just three years after the Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement was released in the United States.

For the most part, failure rates have occurred in patients within two years post surgery. Initial x-rays after the surgery looked fine, but patients were complaining of pain in their hips and back as well. As time went on for other patients, similar complaints began to surface. Surgeons were forced to conduct operations in order to believe the pain.

According to surgeons, they have seen cups that have actually migrated a small distance within the hip. They have also seen radiolucent lines developing. Finally, most surgeons are convinced that the fixation surface is inadequate. For the most part, surgeons have stopped using these cups altogether.

Hiring a Lawyer if You Had a Zimmer Replacement

Most patients who undergo hip replacement surgery are unaware of what brand of hip replacement implant they received. If you have been experiencing pain around three months after your surgery, however, you should absolutely consult your surgeon or doctor and figure out if you have one of the Zimmer Duron Cup Replacement implants.

If you did have a Zimmer hip replacement, a lawyer like those at Saunders & Walker can work for you and fight for your compensation. Going through with hip replacement surgery is difficult enough. You shouldn’t to pay huge medical bills only to have further pain and only to have to go back into surgery.  Contact our team of expert lawyers today to learn more about your legal options concerning the Zimmer cup hip replacement.

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